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40 Foot Lakeside Shipping Container Cabin With Gabled Roof

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When you take a look at this 40-foot lakeside cabin it’s hard to believe that it’s a steel shipping container underneath. The shipping container house is built by Custom Container Living and has a raised gable roof, which makes it look like a regular home design instead of a steel shipping container home. The steel shipping container home is a 380-square-foot shipping container with a rustic exterior finished with cedar lap siding, full light french doors, and a metal roof. The modern interior of this steel shipping container home has painted tongue-and-groove walls, vinyl plank flooring, and stained pine trim.

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The interior also has barn wood accent walls in the living room and the bedroom which helps to add a rustic element to tie in with the exterior finishes. The main floor bedroom in this lakeside shipping container design has a raised platform for the bed, which allows for storage underneath. The shipping container home also has a queen size bedroom loft, which makes for the perfect guest or kids’ bedroom. The living room has a wood stove for heating, along with a Mitsubishi mini-split unit to help provide comfortable temperatures year-round.

The shipping container lakeside cabin has a kitchen equipped with custom-built white birch cabinets, a full-size gas refrigerator and stove, granite countertops, and a double sink. The Lake Cabin shipping container home starts at $70,000.

Steel shipping container home designs are more popular than ever, and it’s no wonder as there are so many available to be recycled and repurposed around the world. Shipping container homes come in a wide variety of styles and designs and are only limited by your imagination. You can stack two steel containers on top of one another to create more living space. These days, as people are looking for eco-housing solutions there are a variety of different building materials that are being used to create houses and steel shipping containers are one of them. One of the benefits of using recycled steel shipping containers for home design is that you can piece them together in a modular fashion to create any type of design you like.

Steel shipping containers are easy enough to stack on top of each other to create more levels to home design, or they can be placed on the ground beside each other for a single level house. As people become aware of shipping containers homes you’ll find more and more unique and interesting homes built from shipping containers that were once used to haul goods from all over the world. Once the steel shipping containers have reached the end of their life, they usually get replaced by newer shipping containers which leave the old ones to rust and rot.

Now, with this new wave of home innovation, builders are creating beautiful homes out of these shipping containers into new and exciting homes.

You’ll find shipping containers homes in a variety of finishes, from wood clad with durable cedar siding to painted finishes, and so much more. Steel shipping containers are an excellent way to recycle and repurpose the containers into something new.

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