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Affordable Log Cabin, Do Take A Peek Inside

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This classic log cabin is made of posts and beams. These small log cabins have an open-plan living space on the main level and a sleeping loft upstairs. The log cabin can be designed with a covered porch in front. This rustic log design is perfect for rural living, thanks to its post and beam construction. The post and beam style of log cabin can be made with either round or squared logs. This is an alternative to the timbers squared off that are used in timber frame designs. These log cabins support their roof structure with logs, as do the loft and the porch. The walls of the log cabin are made using standard stick construction. Exterior log cabins are made of a mixture of board sidings and naturally finished logs. It can either be stained or painted. This small design of a log cabin shows the quality and durability of post and beam construction. This design is strong, natural and has a small footprint.


These log cabins may be shared between upper and ground floors. The floors and ceilings of this log cabin are made out of pine wood. The walls in this eco-supported structure have a natural look. The walls are made of nailed, live edge boards that are placed on top painted drywall. The drywall is painted to look like chinked wood. The ceiling of the log cabin features large log beams. It gives the log cabin a distinctive look. These log houses can be heated and powered by electricity off-grid, or connected to the grid. You can choose a post-and-beam outsidehouse if you want a rustic appearance.

The harmony and beauty of both timber & pine wood cabin construction come together in these post and beam homes. The high-quality craftsmanship makes this frame rustic and elegant. These tiny cabins have been built with great attention by master carpenters. By exposing the timber logs used to build the frame of the cabin, you can tell if it is a timber frame wood or post and beam. This gives a wood cabin an aged look. The most traditional wood cabin type is the timber-framed cabin. The history of this type of wood cabin construction can be traced hundreds. They are beautiful, strong and last for a long time. Timber frame cabins have been built in Europe since the Middle Ages. The cabins still stand today. True timber frame construction relies on the strength of wood and its natural properties.

A post and beam home is a reliable and traditional way to construct a house. Timber-framed cabins often look like log houses with post and beam construction. Post and rail construction, however, uses mechanical fasteners to join adjacent members. The connectors used in post beam cabins can be concealed or left exposed. Many mountain wood log cabins use wood timber elements as the main design of the cabin or accents in the shape of brackets and braces.

Post and beam wood cabins require highly skilled carpenters. Fitting log beams correctly is essential for weather resistance as well as warmth in the cabin. Perr Blockhaus continues to build many beautiful and charming log cabins. Germany’s top master builder. Perr Blockhaus creates beautiful wooden buildings in the form of square and round homes. This is a very skilled craft!

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