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Alpine Pods Creates Beautiful Log Cabins And Really Cool Backyard Pods

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Log cabins and homes have been built in Scandinavia for centuries. Some of the old log cabins from hundreds of years ago are even still standing today. The Scandinavian people have always believed that wood is one of the best natural and sustainable materials to build homes out of.

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Scandinavia and eastern Europe are home to a lot of the worlds best forest land with dense forests filled with trees that are perfect for building homes. So it makes sense to use what is readily available to them. Fortunately, for the environment, all of the logging is done in an eco-friendly way, and the log builders of Alpine Pods only use materials that come from certified sustainable forests.

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They also make sure that their log homes can be sold at an affordable price as well so that these beautiful homes and cabins are available to many people. They use the highest quality wood to create high-quality products paying great attention to detail through their fine craftsmanship. All of their log cabins also include the maximum insulation, and all of the windows in each cabin are triple glazed. The log builders use the Scandinavian Full Scribe method of building their log cabins which is to create a crescent shape in the bottom of each log to fit perfectly on top of the log beneath it. This method creates log cabins that are properly sealed which make for a pleasant temperature no matter what season it is.

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The logs in the cabin absorb heat throughout the day and then store it to release it gradually as needed. When you touch the logs in the home, you’ll feel that they’re never cold and that’s because they have this heat stored up in them. So these log cabins will be able to heat up faster and then retain that heat better than regular stick framed homes.

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The log cabins are built to be very durable, so they’ll last for years like the old cabins that have stood for over 600 years their log cabins are available with one or two floors, with a porch on the front and double doors with windows in them. They will even add solar panels to their log cabins to make them even more environmentally friendly and efficient. Their log cabins also promote great health since wood has a positive effect on our well being. It’s been shown that wood is soothing to the nervous system, much like being in a forest is relaxing. Plus, the air in a log cabin is also very clean and allergen-free since the logs are able to filter out certain toxins. Log cabins regulate the humidity as well because the logs absorb excess humidity and then when it gets too dry they release it into the air.


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Alpine Pods also builds smaller log cabins or sheds for camping, fishing, and more. These cute cabins pit perfectly in any area and have a unique design that looks like a cute hobbit house with arched doorways and roof lines. These smaller log cabins are also great to use as backyard cabins for home offices or guesthouses. The medium sized cabin is 10,750 euros and comes with 2 Tilt and Turn double glazed windows, one residential double glazed double door and it’s fully insulated. Pod 1 is 8.250 euros, and it’s the smallest option, then Pod 3 is 16,550 euros, and it’s the largest one. The company also makes these unique Spheres that can be used as backyard buildings for dining or just hanging out. The spheres are also made from a wood frame with steel and glass to create the perfect pod for any purpose.

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