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Beautiful Log Cabin for $56,000

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You will find many options for beautiful log homes if you want to get some inspiration. This stunning, spacious log home is available for $56,000 (Kit Price). The warmth of log homes is unlike that of concrete houses with cold walls. Log homes require less investment and are more comfortable. This beautiful log house is on the Natural Log Homes site. This beautiful log home is located in Michigan.

Keplar, the name for the house. The interior has been decorated with warm natural elements. Learn more about this log home by visiting the website.

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cool log cabin design 1

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“Keplar Log Home” 2204 sq.ft.

28 by 48′ w/ 4 by 20′ great room extension w/ 24′ by 32′ Garage; 3 bedroom; 1st. floor= 1376 sq.ft. 2nd. floor= 828 sq. ft.

Garage = 768 sq. ft.

Kit price is $56,605.00 and $75,473.00 if installed on YOUR site

We met the Keplars and built their Log Cabin. Jeff and Carol selected a beautiful design, which we were thrilled with. We will treasure our time with them for years to come. The Cabin’s great room, Porches, Garages, Kitchens, and Bedrooms all have exceptional features.  The views are too spectacular to use this as a vacation house.

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