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Convert your Silo into a Tiny House to Experience the Ultimate Getaway

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This unique vacation rental is located in New Plymouth Ohio, United States. This tiny grain silo house can sleep up to two people and has a bedroom, a bed and a bath. This unique place is not like any other. This vacation rental in a grain silo is available for rent. It is the first property in the Hocking Hills. This tiny house feels so big thanks to its 25-foot ceilings. This cozy retreat is perfect for two. This cottage has an induction cooktop and microwave/oven/air-fryer combo. It also includes a refrigerator with freezer, Roku Tv with fireplace, Roku Tv with propane, refrigerator with freezer, Roku Tv with fireplace, Roku Tv with great internet, patio furniture, and a large master spa hot tub.


New Plymouth, Ohio is a small community located in the southeast corner of Ohio. It’s between the cities Cincinnati and Parkersburg. You will find many places of interest when you are in New Plymouth. These include nearby state parks, restaurants, or unique places to stay. These are just a few of the many things you can do around the area.

Ravenwood Castle. Ravenwood Castle offers a variety of fantasy services and accommodations to guests. These include castle guest room, fairy tale cabins and gypsy carriages as well as medieval cottages. Castle guest rooms include a fireplace and a private deck or porch. The fairy tale cabins or medieval cottages feature kitchenettes, fireplaces and either a deck of porch. The Great Hall offers breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as afternoon snacks.

Ash Cave Recreation Area. Ash Cave Recreation Area can be found about 15 minutes from New Plymouth in Logan. Ash Cave is part Hocking Hills State Park and contains the largest recessed cave Ohio and an impressive waterfall flowing down over the cave’s edge. Ash Cave has two trails that visitors can hike, one of which is wheelchair-accessible. The Ash Cave Recreational Area’s hours of operation are from half an hr before sunrise to half a hour after sunset.

Silo homes have been growing in popularity. These minimalist tiny homes are more eco-friendly than other types and offer beautiful curves and vertical space that can also be used in different ways. Similar to how tiny homes have inspired people to eliminate clutter around the world, silo homes might also inspire you to toss your stuff and move into a 200-square foot space that is filled with storage options and Murphy beds. While silo homes might look like old grain bins on the outside, once you get inside you will see they have been completely renovated and transformed into creative living spaces. Silo homes often stand multiple stories high while still looking light and airy. A silo is an already-built and installed structure that requires no maintenance. This makes it a great option for homeowners looking to build a home.

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