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I Had No Idea Shipping Containers Could Look So Good

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The Modern Farmhouse is one of the beautiful container homes you can get from Back Country Containers. Jon Meier started Back Country Containers when he developed an interest in tiny houses. Being an engineer, he has always had a knack for thinking up interesting and innovative solutions for building and design. So when he built his first shipping container home out of a 20-foot container, he knew this is what he wanted to do as a business. He brought on his wife Kristen who has a natural talent for decorating and some other family members to help with construction, and they now run their successful shipping container home building business. They have built many small shipping container homes like this one called the Modern Farmhouse as well as their Rustic Retreat XL. The Modern Retreat you see here is 1,100 square feet that’s big enough to house an entire family full-time. Or it could also serve as the perfect vacation home or cottage by the lake. From the outside, the home looks charming and inviting. It looks like a hybrid of a regular home mixed with a shipping container. You can see the shipping container metal and the doors that open up on the sides and front of the home. They painted it a deep blue color which makes it stand out and brings in some of the standard colors that a shipping container would be.


Under a peaked roof at the front is the entrance way into the home, plus they also added on a deck with rocking chairs because what country home would be complete without rocking chairs? The home’s entrance is a set of French doors which really opens the home up to the deck, and there is also a window on either side of the French doors too. Inside, there are 3 bedrooms including the master bedroom, a guest bedroom and a bunk room, plus 2 full bathrooms. The great room features an open kitchen with full-size appliances and lots of counter space. They also added in an island with bar seating for meals in the kitchen. The living room is right in front of the kitchen with an intimate seating area that’s nice and cozy with a couch, chair and ottoman. They added in a lot of smart features that you would have never thought to put together to create a rustic, chic look in the home. One of the bathrooms includes an old antique dresser that’s been painted a bright green and made into the vanity with sinks included. It’s touches like this that really make the house feel like a work of art. In the other bathroom is a free-standing bathtub, perfect for long relaxing soaks.

The bedrooms are styled beautifully as well with colorful and stylish linens and accessories and the bunk beds actually look really comfortable. They build each of these container homes using 20 foot and 40-foot containers and custom design each project specifically for the client. So each container home is a bit different from the next, each having its own character that matches the customer’s personality. They mostly build within Texas, but they’re also willing and able to build container homes in other areas as well. While they enjoy focusing on smaller homes, they also build larger container homes as well. The shipping containers are used like building blocks to create the perfect sized home to live in. So whether it’s a home that’s 500 square feet or 2,000 square feet or more, they are willing and able to create a shipping container home that suits every lifestyle and need.


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