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Look Inside This Tiny Timber Cabin With Vaulted Ceilings

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You’ll want to take a look at these two recent cabin building projects under 800 square feet which show that beautiful timber buildings come in all shapes and sizes. These two custom timber frame projects are great representations of the appeal of small-scale post and beam properties. The first cabin built is a 468 square foot upscale man-cave, that could easily turn into a one-bedroom, one-bath wood cabin. The second is a 780 square foot treetop hideaway designed as a personal relaxation spot and vacation rental. The Armstrong 1826 is an 18 foot by 26 foot One Story Gable with an 18-foot center section.

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Overlooking no aspect of design or style, there are many unique elements of this timber frame project that stand out. First, it features a prow gable roofline. This is primarily a stylistic choice that also adds the function of increased shelter on the porch. Second, the kiln-dried Douglas fir curved trusses in the cabin add visual interest and appeal. Finally, the wood cabin floorplan is kept very simple for the specific use of this customer. The timber frame itself is a showcase of the property that adds to the cozy, relaxing ambiance. This design could be easily modified to include room for a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or more.

The Armstrong 2630 is a 26 foot by 30 foot One Story Gable with a 16-foot center section with a 10 foot by 24-foot lean-to. This treetop hideaway is a tiny timber cabin done right. The open concept design mixed with the naturally vaulted ceilings allows this space to feel much larger than its square footage states. This timber frame design is used primarily as a vacation rental and relaxation spot, it features SIP panels walls, and an outdoor porch.

Sustainability is nothing new for timber frames and post and beam cabins. As one of the world’s original building materials, timber is not only a renewable resource but also enables the most environmentally friendly construction methods available. Timber also comes with the added benefit of creating healthier work and living spaces. These timber frame builders hope that their customers are taking an avid interest in the life cycle of their products and falling back in love with the time-tested method of timber frame construction. Their cabin kits begin in the Pacific Northwest, where their timbers are harvested from land that is managed specifically for health and biological diversity. This is not to be understated.

Many people equate more trees with a better ecosystem but overpopulating a forest can have dire effects. If trees get too crowded, they compete for light and water and stressed trees are more susceptible to drought and insect attacks. Removing some trees can ease the competition, letting the remaining trees grow big and healthy. Additionally, research shows the carbon storage in properly harvested forests is equal to that of unthinned forests, as the healthier trees grow larger. When you consider the catastrophic effects of wildfires, fueled by overcrowded forests, properly harvested forests are advantageous.

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