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Must See Cozy Log Chalet With Spacious Bedroom!

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The Chalet de Lago is a vacation property that consists of 5 bungalows at Montargil, Portalegre, Portugal. The bungalows have a maximum capacity of 2 adults plus 2 children (in sofa bed). They have 4 bungalows by the lake pool and a more private one, away from the lake pool. They also invite you to experience some activities that the Alentejo and the Montargil Dam have to offer you including water sports, horseback riding, Herdade exploration, boat tours, and bike tours, among others. Montargil is a city in Portalegre, Portugal. It has many popular attractions, including Barragem de Montargil, and Igreja de Sao Sebastiao, making it well worth a visit. The bungalows feel spacious and bright in a studio floor plan with everything you need for a comfortable stay. The vacation rentals have a covered front porch where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view.


Barragem de Montargil is another lake in central Portugal caused by damming. Montargil is the name of the small village in which the dam is situated. The name originates from the two words Mont meaning mountain and Argil which is the name of the clay type from which the mountain is made. Montargil dam was created for irrigation purposes of the surrounding farmland of the river Sor and it was completed in 1958. The lake area is surrounded by flat land with many access routes and a large choice of both natural landscapes and flora and fauna and beaches that are suitable for swimming, boating, canoeing, and other water activities and it is a much-loved place for recreation specifically in the summer months when the water temperature is pleasant.

The village of Montargil is built on a hill above the lake and has some awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscape. The village is part of the municipality of Ponte do Sor, a slightly larger and newer town 12 miles to the North of Montargil. The town is named after the bridge in its center that connects both sides of the river Sor. Montargil is more touristic than its municipal capital thanks to its position next to the lake. Montargil has a couple of very interesting regional restaurants and some of its regional foods consist of Migas which is a bread, beans, cabbage, and olive oil mix that is generally used to accompany other dishes but is a fully nutritional and delicious vegetarian dish. Enguias is the river eel made in various ways as a stew called Ensopada or fried and served with rice amongst many other fish and meat dishes.

Some of the nicest restaurants found in the area include the Sabores com Alma right in the center of Montargil next to the church. This restaurant serves regional dishes in a modern culinary atmosphere. Another restaurant right at the entry road from Ponte do Sor is Restaurant Sabores do Rio (the taste of the river). This restaurant is typically traditional and has a large selection of traditional and regional dishes. It’s typically a local, very friendly, and good home-cooking-styled restaurant.

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