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People Like The Rustic Interior Of This Old Cabin

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View the interior of the log cabin, which was originally built in 1800 as a one-room cabin. The charming property has drawn many families. This log cabin, which was built in 1946 with the help of phone poles for center beam support, has been remodeled. The main cabin features a secret, unfinished loft. A bunk house is also located on the property. These both provide additional sleeping spaces. The cabin has been maintained with great care by the current owners, who still value its uniqueness. With the conveniences installed, it is possible to use the cabin full-time.

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Cabin comes with brand new steel roofing, vinyl windows, and gutters that are covered by a lifetime guarantee. New electrical wiring, 200 amp panel and plumbing with pex pipe. Sump pump in bathroom. Winterizing takes just a few moments and is very easy. In this area and its surrounding areas, Augusta County and the Shenandoah Valley have a long and rich history. The George Washington Nationwide Forest is a forest of miles and acres filled with trees, wildlife and other natural elements. To get the latest information, call your agent. The log cabin will not last long. Here are a few activities you can enjoy in the area.

Pure Chimneys Regional Park reveals the amazing geology of Western Virginia. Customers can see remnants of rocks that were once carved out by a deep ocean. Wildlife can also be seen here. In the grassy open area surrounding the chimney, you can find species of open-country like the American goldfinch, chipping sparrow and American robin. Carolina Chickadees, Carolina Wrens and other familiar birds can be found in the adjacent scrubby bushland. North River, which flows through the land, is a haven for waterfowl as well as herons. You can find butterflies at the Virginia Grasp Naturalists native Chapter’s pollinator gardens and in the park. Included in the butterfly species are jap tiger and spicebush swallowtails.

Shenandoah Valley. Grand Caverns offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, runner, or if you love birds, Grand Caverns is the place to be. Enjoy the underground as well as the park. Grand Caverns has a park with many trails for climbing, biking and hiking. The park has a swimming-pool, mini golf, a beautiful playground, beautiful fishing spots, and a fitness trail with stations at each station. Civil Warfare. Grand Caverns has been open since 1806. During Civil Warfare and Valley Marketing, both Accomplices and Union Troops visited this cave. More than 200 Civil War Signatures have been confirmed inside the cave. W. W. Miles’ signature is the most famous.

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