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Shipping Container Becomes Fabulous Backyard Tiny Home

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We must become accustomed to recycling and reusing as much as possible if we want to rescue the earth. This covers construction materials and structures that might be used as construction materials, such as shipping containers. Shipping containers are typically used to move commodities from outside to North America, but they have shown to be quite helpful for a variety of other reasons.
This includes being used to construct homes, cottages, sheds, and other structures. They’re also being used in commercial construction, with coffee shops, offices, and other structures being built out of shipping containers.
When working on huge city projects, some construction companies even employ them as pass-throughs. If you’re thinking about building a house out of shipping containers, you can get them for roughly $3,500 or less depending on where you buy them. You can even engage a business like Back Country Containers to build a custom container home for you.

Back Country Containers began with a single 20-foot shipping container. Back Country Containers founder Jon Meier recognized shipping containers as an excellent source of inspiration and resources for homes since he has always appreciated problem-solving and a fun challenge. Jon is an aeronautical engineer who grew fascinated with tiny houses while working as one.
Back Country Containers was born when he combined his newfound interest with his talents and expertise. He was able to leave his work and begin construction on the first container home. His wife Kristen is a great decorator, and the two collaborate to build stunning homes.
Their first container home was a 20-foot long blue shipping container that quickly became famous and launched them on their new adventure. As a result, they teamed together with other family members to develop the ideal container home construction company. They also began to construct larger residences, which can be a lot of fun when shipping containers are used as the foundation. It’s almost like playing with lego or constructing blocks.

They will customize each container home to the client’s specifications, and they can use a combination of 20-foot and 40-foot containers to do so. They primarily work in Texas, but they will also travel. Each home will be built on a slab foundation, concrete block foundation, railroad ties foundation, or concrete pier foundation.
A concrete pier foundation is recommended. The greatest insulation, closed cell foam spray insulation, is used in all of the residences, including the one you see here. This guarantees that the home maintains a consistent temperature regardless of the weather. Plumbing is also installed and then connected to city pipes. Off-grid plumbing and a grey water system are also options.
They can also connect the electric to city power or use a generator or solar power for off-grid life. With a roof-top patio and a little deck placed on the front, this tiny house made from a shipping container looks fantastic. The house is modern and cozy on the inside, with a large living room with a double-sided fireplace.
The kitchen is particularly fantastic, with full-sized stainless steel equipment and a sitting island. For solitude, barn doors separate the bedroom and bathroom, and there are nooks for relaxing and working. One of the design’s attractions is the rooftop patio, which includes a tiny garden.

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Designed and built by Backcountry Containers.