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Step Inside And See The Interior Of This Lovely Log Home

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This log house can be found at Columbia Falls Montana. Hidden Haven Cabin in Columbia Falls is non-smoking and smoke-free. All units have coffee makers. Hidden Haven Cabin offers rooms with private showers and bathtubs, along with complimentary toiletries. Each room includes bed linens and towels. Hidden Haven Cabin guests can enjoy Columbia Falls activities such as skiing. Glacier Park International Airport, located nearby, is also a great option.


Columbia Falls is situated in the Flathead Valley Rocky Mountains. This place is stunning. This place is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Outdoor enthusiasts love Columbia Falls. It is located near the Flathead River. This area is popular with skiers and boarders. Golfing, rafting down the river and llama-guided hikes are popular in this area. Montana is an inviting place for all the family. Montana is the perfect place to do outdoor sports like hiking, cross country running, and many other activities.

Glacier National Park. Glacier Adventure Guides educate Columbia Falls residents about Glacier National Park. These guides will take you on tours that allow you to explore Glacier National Park. Choose from a variety of adventures, such as ice-climbing or snowshoeing. Bookings are available for activities like rock climbing, guided tour and day hikes. You can create a custom itinerary if you wish to customize your vacation.

Bad Rock Canyon. The road leads to many wilderness areas such as Hungry Horse Dam Wilderness and Bob Marshall Wilderness. Glacier National Park can also be reached by road. Flathead River runs the length of the canyon. Residents of the area get their water from springs on the southern end. This spring was part of the Buffalo Trail, which stretched from the Rockies to the Great Plains for centuries.

Depot Park. Depot Park, located at the intersection of Railroad Street & Nucleus Ave., is a small park that has an antique train engine. This park is full of play and climbing areas. It was America’s first train that was used for hauling lumber along the main rail lines. Both children and train enthusiasts enjoy it. This is a great park for all the family. It’s located on the edge of the town.

Montana Vortex & House of Mystery. Montana Vortex is located just outside of the city. You’ll be glad you went to see something new. Native Americans first discovered this vortex in 1970. The shack was added to help people see and reach the vortex. Follow the marked route to reach House of Mystery.


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