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Take a Virtual Video Tour of this Amazing $16,448 Log Cabin

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amnish log cabin

Do you want to live in a duplex? You are in luck if you’re looking for a log cabin with a traditional design. Cumberland Log Cabin kits are available for as little as $16,350. Amish Cabin Company provides you with a house away from your own. You will be able to feel the beauty and tranquility of nature in this cabin. The logs are made of sustainable trees, so you don’t need to worry. This company is very helpful and provides all the information needed to build your home. Their website has more information, including shipping costs and if the assembly will be included. This cabin kit can be the dream home that you’ve always wanted.



The DIY builder can use these log cabin packages. They include: Screw driver Circular Saw Level Utility Knife Step Ladder Tape Hammer Caulking gun Pencil. more details here