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The $74,100 Sugarhill Is a Cozy, Modified Chalet Style Log Home

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Sugarhill is a cozy, chalet-style log house with 1,128 sq. Living space is 1,128 sq. Sugarhill includes six by eight room and costs $74,100. The log house package includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious log home. The log house has two bedrooms and an open kitchen/dining/living area. The bedroom on the upper floor opens onto the lower level. The master bedroom upstairs has a full bath, a large wardrobe, and a shed-style dormer measuring 16 feet. The sun deck on the main floor measures 8 feet by 24-square-feet and is perfect for outdoor activities. This log home package allows you to enjoy quality time with family and friends. Sugarhill log houses packages are the perfect size for a couple or family, and have enough space to accommodate guests. This log home package can be constructed in any place you like. This is the perfect place to relax, and take in nature’s beauty. This cozy log home design will make your heart melt.

The packages for your log home are just one of many steps in the construction and design of your house. You have many options when it comes down to choosing the log details for your house. If you are able to afford it, stone masonry could be an excellent addition for your log house. Many log house packages come with a fireplace made of stone as the center piece. Stone masonry prices vary depending on if you choose to use full-stonemasonry or manufactured stone veneer, or thinly-cut natural stone. The price of this detail depends on what kind of stone fireplace your log house is built with. The cost of stonemasonry is affected by both labor costs and the price of building materials. You’ll have to do some research before choosing the type of stonemasonry you want.

Coventry Log Homes has over 60 log house packages available in five categories. Coventry Log Homes offers more than 60 log house packages in five different categories. The Craftsman Series, Cabin Series and Recreational Camp Series are all available. Coventry Log Homes produces the log home kits. The packages come with the shell, log wall and complete log house in different log profiles. Coventry Log Houses also offers log home packages in six-by-eight or eight-by-8 solid log milled houses. These log house kits replicate the classic appearance of clapboard and regular log siding. Log house packages are popular and people want to know that the company from which they buy their log homes kits uses sustainable building techniques. Coventry takes pride in being one of these companies. Coventry Log Homes recycles the wood used in its log home kits. Coventry Log Homes recycles the wood shavings that are left after building log homes to give to local farmers.

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