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The Timber Frame House is an Impressive Prefab Kit in the $25,000 Range

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Today , one of the founding members of the Estonian Wooden House Association, AS Ritsu , celebrates 25 years of operation. The company, which started manufacturing primary wood processing machines during the re-independence of the Republic, has grown into one of the strongest manufacturers of machined log houses in the sector.


laanaritsu 1 block

AS Ritsu machine-made log house

The founder of AS Ritsu, Ants Randmaa, said that although it was difficult to start a business according to the era, the foundation for a successful company was laid: “The business was run more humanly at that time and there was much more trust, the man said. There were scams even then, but they were “professionals” who have lived in ease all the time, “said Randmaa.

Randmaa stated that in the beginning there was definitely more thought and action: “At that time, the business had to anticipate, plan and take into account for a long time. said Randmaa.

When AS Ritsu started designing and manufacturing houses, the company reached its modern production lines. In addition to house production, AS Ritsu designs and builds house production machines that are used in its own industry and are an important sales item both in Estonia and abroad. The company is constantly developing its products and production process. On average, a new innovative product or technology is released every five years.

The Wooden House Association and the wooden house cluster wish our founding member strength and courage and long years of operation!