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This 2,300 Sqft Barn Home Is Absolutely Packed With Charm!

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Party Barn Malvern, Pennsylvania. This beautiful custom party barn provides a comfortable space for entertaining friends and family. Stained Douglas fir timber framing, cedar siding, natural stone, cedar shake roofing, and hammered wrought iron create a rustic look for the 3,200 square feet home. It includes two bedrooms with full baths, a kitchen with a pizza oven, and indoor and outdoor seating areas. A covered breezeway attached to the main home makes the party barn feel like part of the same structure while ensuring privacy for both the family and their guests.

A Party Barn can elevate your backyard. Barns have many uses besides housing horses and farm equipment. Now more than ever, backyard party barns have become popular because they provide the perfect space for recreation, whatever that means to you. You might like the idea of having a home theater to watch the big game, a game room for the kids, an outdoor kitchen for entertaining, or a studio for art or yoga, it’s up to you.

The category of party barns might seem to be created just to have parties, but these multi-use barn structures can easily host big, fanciful events or intimate, casual gatherings. Either way, people are drawn to spending time in a barn structure because of the inherent feelings of comfort and relaxation the atmosphere naturally provides. If you are building a barn workshop or game room, or wedding venue, the look and feel of the space can be customized to fit your exact needs.

B & D Builders are custom barn builders, who focus on building the main structural components of a building, but they also consider custom-built elements within your backyard party barn that help with its finished use. They specialize in finding ways to bring a custom wood and hand-forged steel aesthetic into space in many ways to complement the exposed heavy timbers and trusses. Shelving, bars, tables, countertops, and unique hardware are a few additional elements our partners can create after the structure is built. They’ve built family gatherings, yoga studios, and extra living spaces, personal wedding venues, indoor basketball, and tennis courts, and art studios. Each of these custom-built barn structures fits within the party barn category but goes far beyond just party use. In any scenario, bathrooms, kitchen and bar areas, living and dining areas, and storage are always planned elements in the barn structure. In addition, lighting, acoustics, and technology integration are always uniquely considered.

When considering a barn build you should keep in mind to try and make your backyard party barn look like a cohesive part of your property. The outside of the barn should have at least one design element in common with the outside of your home or another structure on your property. Your landscaping should also be considered when planning the layout of your backyard party barn. You want to look at things such as where the sun rises and sets, and if there is a pool, equestrian arena, and/or other major elements on the property, which is key to planning, designing, and building a useable multi-use party barn.




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