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This classic log cabin doesn’t miss a thing inside (Floor plan and photos)

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Log cabins are the pinnacle of cozy family homes.  Some families, like the Elliotts, make dreams come true by building log homes, many of them a family’s first.
Jim Elliott began his log home business in Woodsville, N.H., when his children were young.
When his son Jeff grew up, he followed in his father’s footsteps and developed his own log home business. He named his company Coventry Log Homes, after the New Hampshire town where Jim grew his business. His childhood town was changed to Benton and therefore Coventry pays homage to the town’s history.
Named Kinsman, this is a three-bedroom, 2 1/2-bath home with a loft and farmers porch.
According to the Coventry Log Homes website, the company was incorporated in 1994 and has been run by Jeff and his brother Mark for the past 22 years.
Today, Coventry Log Homes employs over 30 people and has sold thousands of log homes.
Jeff, Mark and the rest of their team have designed more than 60 models in five categories titled, Craftsman, Tradesman, Cabin and Recreational Camp Series.
All pieces for the home are produced at a mill Jeff built on a horse lot belonging to his father in Woodsville, prior to Coventry Log Homes was incorporated.
According to the company’s YouTube videos, Coventry Log Homes uses eastern white pine cants properly dried to kill off any insects and their eggs, and to ensure the wood does not rot or crack.
According to the Arbor Day Foundation, eastern white pine has been used since colonial times to build American homes.
It is prized for its beauty and fast growth and is the state tree in Maine and Michigan.
The home is designed with an open concept and great room with high ceilings and plenty of natural light.
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