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This Discoverer Log Cabin Has A Great Covered Porch

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Discoverer Log Cabins are a beautiful, cozy cabin in the woods. There are many log cabins and houses available, some of which can be bought online. The availability of log building packages delivered directly to your site makes it easier than ever before to build a new cabin. Coventry Log Homes is a UK building company that offers log home packages for sale on their website. You can select from different log cabins and homes. Depending on your needs and wants, you can choose the Discoverer model in their Log Cabin Series. Models from the Log Cabin Series are known for their small sizes, simple designs and only having one or maybe two rooms.



The Discoverer model is a great way to create a private, quiet retreat in the woods. The Discoverer Log Cabin is a part Coventry Log Homes Cabins Series which offers log homes in a variety sizes and styles. The Discoverer log cabin has one bedroom with a loft above it for sleeping or storing camping and sporting equipment. This space is made larger by a cathedral ceiling. On the front porch, you can enjoy your morning coffee or tea. The floor plan for this log cabin does not include a toilet, so an outhouse or other bathroom arrangement would be required if you purchased the kit.

Coventry Log Homes has a wide range of log cabin packages available besides its Cabin series. These packages can be used on a campsite where they are rented or as a small recreational cabin for occasional personal use. Craftsman packages come in premium-styled log homes and can be customized to suit the client’s preferences. Tradesman packages are perfect for building cabins or log homes that you can use as a first home or a place to retire. Timber Frame Log House packages are prefabricated homes constructed from structurally insulated panels. Then they are brought to the site and assembled.

Coventry Log Homes has 60 models unique on their website. You can browse their log home packages and view the models. Building a log home is not only good for those living in it, but also great for the environment. This is because the materials used come from natural sources. It is safer to live in an environment that uses renewable resources.

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Please visit the following website for additional information: Coventry Log Homes, Inc.